Cavern LP

by Bad Bats


'Cavern' LP - Debut album to be released Fall 2014 at Humanist Records / 9 tracks

1. Lumière tendre
2. you/underwater
3. Mother cavern
4. Encollioure belle
5. Chromatic geodrography - Part. 1 Profondeur mille
6. Chromatic geodrography - Part. 2 La faille
7. Chromatic geodrography - Part. 3 Les corps dévastés
8. Cancer
9. Cave solstice

All songs composed, recorded & mixed by Bad Bats (guitars, pedals, TR606, shit softwares), lyrics by Bad Bats.
Vocals on Cancer by Sophia Hamadi & Rocio Ortiz from Opale (recorded by JC Versari at Poptones, Paris)
Vocals on Lumière Tendre by Mariette Auvray from Water Sark, BCBG and Eyes Behind.
Mastering by Marin Esteban.
Artwork by Quentin Chambry.
Clip 'Cancer' by Arthur Chambry.


released 30 September 2014

Bad Bats (Paris, France)
Music for family and friends and sea fishes and sometime more

"Really Great ! Reminds me of Dustin Wong ! Quite lovely" WFMU - Liz Berg

"First (and very, very promising) track. Mother Cavern is a tropical, psych pop instrumental little magic with surf influences that feels like a happy hour for children!" SOUND INJECTIONS

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